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 Everything your company has accomplished to this point was achieved through your hard work, time and dedication. With this in mind, it is only natural to feel a sense of pride in what you produce. This is why finding a Distribution partner who understands that a business’s lifeblood is its stock. 
The Distribution Solution is the right distribution partner for your company! we offer the best quality of service (QoS), alongside 24hr Accessible monitoring tools.  
At TDS our Warehouse storage is handled and managed appropriately. The Distribution Solution goes the extra mile to meet a client’s needs, should it involve assisting with customs. We like to lend that extra hand wherever possible. 
TDS are the partner who offers spacious holding-space, ensures that any product stored is kept clean, dry and safe until dispatch. When is comes to dispatching orders, time really is of the essence, The Distribution Solution always provides a speedy packing and dispatch system. 
  • Quickly assembling and filling large and small orders to be shipped to customers.
  • Operating power handling equipment to move stock and select and palletize loads.
  • Moving pallets by hand, hand truck and pallet jack.
  • Routinely cleaning all warehouse areas, equipment, delivery trucks and containers.
  • Using software to sequence delivery orders and keeping stock organised.
warehouse shelves with goods
warehouse shelves with goods
  • Carrying out preventive maintenance on warehouse forklifts, trucks and railcars.
  • Pushing a cart up and down aisles and collecting stock for a customer’s order.
  • Operating warehouse equipment to unload stock from trailers and delivery trucks.
  • Matching quantities and items being shipped out against the customer’s invoice.
  • Using wireless radio frequency systems to communicate with colleagues.

What The Distribution Solution
Warehouse Provides:

Products received

TDS treat deliveries seriously. Everything we receive is cross-checked against your quantities and visually checked for damage. If there’s any issue, you’ll be informed about it quickly.

Flexible and Scalable Systems

Your storage grows with your business, so you only pay for what you use.

Special projects

TDS warehouse can handle a variety of storage based activities, including bulk storage and kitting projects.

Send your products to us

Upload your stock file to our Warehouse management system and we’ll do the rest.

Stock Management

We’ll handle backorders, manage best before products and implement batch control to give your customers exactly what they want, how they want it.

Secure Environment

Regularly checked and held within a secure environment, your stock stays safe throughout its time with us. We also provide photographic evidence if and when requested.

Live stock

Whatever project you’re planning next, you have the space to manage it. Ask us about bulk storage or kitting projects.