Stock Management

Stock Management

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At The Distribution Solution your product is in safe hands. A well-established distributor will ensure that any product is maintained in the most appropriate of conditions until its dispatch. 
At TDS our distribution warehouse is designed to securely hold and accommodate your goods. 
The first step to efficient stock management is upkeep. What a distributor (TDS) offer in the beginning is inevitably signed up on. Here at TDS we pledge responsibility for the daily upkeep of the inventory. This is yet another key feature of a transparent partnership. 
Another factor worth considering is how a distributing partner will identify your products in order to have then picked, packed and shipped in record time. Ideally everything inside of our warehouse is clearly labelled. Labels make distribution easier for employees to quickly and accurately pick and pack an order. 
  • Maintaining optimal stock levels to ensure timely availability of products.
  • Managing excess and ageing stock.
  • Minimising exposure to obsolete and excess stock.
  • Maintaining effective business relationships with customers
  • Issuing purchase orders to customers
  • Using software to sequence delivery orders and keeping stock organised
  • Coordinating the shipment of goods from the warehouse
  • Using scanning terminals, and professional fixed asset tracking software
warehouse shelves with goods
warehouse shelves with goods
  • Carrying out preventive maintenance on warehouse forklifts, trucks and railcars.
  • Pushing a cart up and down aisles and collecting stock for a customer’s order.
  • Operating warehouse equipment to unload stock from trailers and delivery trucks.
  • Matching quantities and items being shipped out against the customer’s invoice.
  • Using wireless radio frequency systems to communicate with colleagues.

The Distribution Solution


Products received

TDS treat deliveries seriously. Everything we receive is cross-checked against your quantities and visually checked for damage. If there’s any issue, you’ll be informed about it quickly.

Flexible and Scalable Systems

Your storage grows with your business, so you only pay for what you use.

Special projects

TDS warehouse can handle a variety of storage based activities, including bulk storage and kitting projects.

Send your products to us

Upload your stock file to our Warehouse management system and we’ll do the rest.

Stock Management

We’ll handle backorders, manage best before products and implement batch control to give your customers exactly what they want, how they want it.

Secure Environment

Regularly checked and held within a secure environment, your stock stays safe throughout its time with us. We also provide photographic evidence if and when requested.

Live stock

Whatever project you’re planning next, you have the space to manage it. Ask us about bulk storage or kitting projects.