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Our fulfilment service is a step above the rest, we like to ensure that all clients are satisfied 100% with the service that we provide. We are in constant contact with all clients and keep them up to date on they’re stock and products with our live 24/7 accessible integrated software.
Our clients benefit from:
  • Accurate pick and pack with secure online portal updates on stock control
  • Positive staff with a high accuracy pick and pack rapport
  • Global fulfilment and competitive postage rates
  • A healthy relationship with IT, Administration and Warehouse staff
  • Confidence that fulfilment has been achieved with the high standards so that managers can focus on business growth/expansion

Keeping your business running as it should is in theory simple. At TDS we can truly help you keep your e-commerce fulfilment and storage easy

We have been storing clients products and shipping them all over the world from our UK and Ireland distribution centres for many years and we believe that what we do creates a simple and easy link between you and your customers.